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Edinburgh - Covenanter Capital

The ECW travelogue packed a toothbrush, passport, a jumper, and a big coat and headed north to Edinburgh, home of the Covenanters. Whilst driving north, the inappropriateness of calling the travelogue the ECW travelogue became rather prescient. But it is too late to start calling it the Wofthe3Ktravelogue now! The Covenant If you can tear yourself away from the pipers, tartan shops, and traditional Scottish shortbread, there are a wealth of places and artefacts connected to the Covenanters for you to see. Greyfriars Kirk First stop has to be Greyfriars Kirk , which once you get past all the Greyfriar's Bobby razzmatazz is bursting with Covenanter related history. In the 1638 the Covenant was signed in the kirkyard.  There are believed to be about 50 copies of the Covenant: there are six copies held in Edinburgh, one is on display inside the kirk's small museum.  The Covenanter memorial Whilst in the church yard, there is a large memorial to the Covenanters, this is a replica

Which Figures? What is Available

My original Which Figures posts have grown exponentially, so much so that I decided to completely revise and expand my posts further. For the full picture see:- Which Figures? - the original post, where I ruminate about what I want from figures, and what led me to choose Peter Pig. Which Figures? What is Available - the state of play with current 'ECW' 15mm figure ranges; a continually updating look at what figures are available, and what is included/missing from ranges. No commentary on figure size or ruler action (that's down to parts 2a and 3a).   This post Which Figures? Part 2a: Size Matters: Foot - I show side by side comparisons of what is available in 15/18mm, with the obligatory ruler shots  Coming Soon Which Figures? Part 2b: True 15mm/Epic Compatibility: Foot - a more in depth look at smaller 15mm compatibility Which Figures? Part 3a: Size Matters: Horses   - I show side by side comparisons of what is available in 15/18mm (obligatory ruler content too)  Coming