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Basing House

The next, gripping* installment of the Sir William Waller Southern Association adventures...

Basing House was strategically important, on the road from the King's capital in Oxford, to the important stronghold of Winchester.

Replica saker positioned on one of the rampiers

Views across the remaining earthworks

Basing House was a Norman Castle, a Tudor palace and the home of the Earl of Winchester. The House came under it's first siege in 1643 by Sir William Waller. Waller had 7000 men but couldn't breach the considerable earthwork defences over the nine days of the siege, the defenders lost just two men.

 The Great Barn, which saw fierce fighting, and is one of the few buildings to still stand
 The second siege started in Spring 1644, this time Parliament's men decided to starve the defenders out. The siege was relieved in September of the same year when Gage marched from Oxford with a relief column. Gage withdrew to Oxford after relieving the siege; once his force had left…

Cropredy 375

Rather than cluttering up my ECW Travelogue guide to Cropredy Bridge, I decided to post a second entry which is purely devoted to my snaps from the Sealed Knot's Cropredy 375 event.

The Living History camp...

The battle...