Colonel James Progers's Regiment of Foot

James Progers's Regiment of Foot was a Welsh regiment armed with firelocks. They fought at Montgomery Castle and Monmouth in 1644, and were besieged at Abergavenny in 1646.
Other than that we know the names of some officers but precious little else.

There is some confusion which of the Proger/Progers/Prodger family was the Colonel of the Regiment. There is an article on the Dictionary of Welsh Biography website which describes the two branches of the family.

It mentions Colonel Charles Proger ‘of the Guards’, who had to redeem his estate at £330 for siding with the King in the Civil Wars, and was probably the ‘Col. Progers’ who took part in recapturing Monmouth for the King in 1644 (J. R. Phillips, Civil War in Wales).

Sir Henry Proger appears to have been the ‘Lieut. Progers’ who was in Raglan Castle when Fairfax took it in 1646.

The article mentions a James Proger who spent time in Spain and was last heard of as constable of Abergavenny Castle in 1665. They also had a relative called Edward Proger who was page to Charles I, and groom of the chamber to the young Prince Charles, afterwards Charles II.

So lots of uncertainties with this unit; I went with James as the colonel ('cos the BCW Wiki says so).  I decided to see if there was a stand out colour for Welsh regiments, and the winner was 'unknown' coat colour. Two regiments wore grey and one wore either red or blue. Looking through my army lists I note that blue and red coated Royalist regiments are tied at five apiece, so grey coats were decided upon for a bit of a variety.

Just three headswaps (my new found allergy to morion wearing command figures rears it's head again), bases and custom casualty marker from Warbases.

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  1. I admire your dedication to research and looking up the possible alternative family members.
    These Peter Pigs really are good figures. If I was starting from scratch I’d be tempted by those. By the way, nice touch adding wild flowers to the base!

    1. Research makes it sound very grandiose, for what in reality is maybe an hour on Google and Bing.

      They are really nice figures. There are a few holes in the range (unarmoured pike, pike with tassets, lowland pike empty hand is my only real bugbear) but nothing particularly major. Good range of heads for swapping too.
      The flowers are MiniNatur from Warbases. There's white, yellow and purple available. They could be used as code for status: veteran, untried etc. I, however, have just used them for prettyfication purposes.

    2. Ah, I’ve heard of flower codes before, but not in this way!

    3. The Peter Pigs are the foundation of my nascent ECW project as well - I love the characterisation... I don't recognise the drummer figure though, he's superb - which pack is he in?

    4. Pack 17, command advancing with a headswap. Drummer as produced is wearing a morion


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