Hex (2017)

Hex is a micro budget British film set during the Civil Wars. Be careful looking for it as there are a number of films that share the same title. Not heard of it? No neither had I.

This film is currently included with Amazon Prime in the UK, but is listed as Hex (2019). Hex (2018) is a completely different film altogether, with a much higher body count.

Two soldiers (a Royalist and a Parliamentarian) meet after a skirmish and their conflict leads them into the woods. Only the woods are... well that would be telling.

Think A Field of England but with an even smaller budget and in colour.

The film looks at seventeenth century superstitions and witchcraft in particular; using cinematography, music and good writing to set the scene.

The film is beautifully shot. The Sealed Knot provided props for the camp scenes, and no doubt one or two dead extras. Locations in and around Staffordshire and the Derbyshire border - Lud's Church looking splendid, and as atmospheric as ever. The final scene looks rather like Cresswell Crags.

For such a low budget film it is surprisingly watchable, although a heavier hand at the editing desk could have moved the film on a bit without losing any of the narrative or tension.

You can find a trailer over on IMDB and further details. If you have Amazon Prime, catch it whilst you can.


  1. That looks good. Thanks for flagging it up. Just started watching and the intro is very atmospheric. Might spark some ideas for a skirmish game.


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