Kitchen Matters

One can not simply spend one's life visiting sites associated with the wars, or painting little men. You do have to eat, now and again...

Now even the most die hard seventeenth century afficiando can take their passion into the kitchen with them!

Stuck for a recipe? Try Mrs Cromwell's Cookbook, available from the Cromwell Museum online shop, or in person from the museum itself: although this book was not written by her (it was actually written after Oliver Cromwell had died as a way to make fun of her) the recipes are good examples of food that they might have eaten while they were alive.

Maybe I should have ironed it for the pictures...

Once you have dined upon your 'Cromwellian' feast I'm afraid there is the washing up to do. And what better to complete the task than a World Turned Upside Down tea towel? Also available from the Cromwell Museum or in person from the shop at the National Civil War Centre.

Other seventeenth century themed tea towels are available from the Radical Tea Towel Company  including one featuring the Putney Debates,

and one featuring Gerard Winstanley's True Levellers. The Winstanley design is also available as an apron. 

Picture courtesy of @Clubmen1645 - you can tell, Haydn irons every one before posting them 😉

For the politically neutral, Clubmen 1645 also produce a tea towel and placemat; available to purchase online.

You can even have a beer in a replica C17th tankard if you desire from Trinity Court Potteries.

Regular readers (hello all eight of you) fear not - normal service will resume shortly!

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