(Even More) Baggage Train

Regular readers (hello all seven of you, maybe even eight now) will have seen my claims that my baggage train was finished and that there would be no more expansions. In fact you will have seen me claim this a number of times. Cutting a very long and tedious story short, space appeared in my baggage train boxes. Oh noes, I hear you cry, what is to be done. Fortunately the now vacant space was just the right size for a small cart...

Not wishing to upset the karmic apple cart by having empty space I ordered two barrel carts from Museum Miniatures. As always, the drover that came with the pack was discarded and replaced by a PP horseholder. 

In the interests of prettification the Royalist incarnation has a Naismith marching musketeer on its base; Parliament's has a Steel Fist flautist (from command pack 3).

The complete Parliamentarian baggage train...

...maybe I have overdone it. A little.
(The Royalists have a similar sized train too.)

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  1. Great looking baggage train; I imagine it looks very impressive o the table.

  2. That's an impressive Cavalier horse magnet!

    1. Gaming strategy tip: Parliamentarian players remember to position a long way away from your fighting men. Those Royalist horse are like moths to a flame when it comes to a baggage train.


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