Solemn League Artillery (Again)

Regular readers (hello all eight of you), will have seen me complain that I had underrepresented the Solemn League artillery train, so I added a paltry minion and limber to beef up their artillery train.

A handful of frame guns and a minion doesn't really cut it, does it? So I have added a brace of  sakers.

Sakers and crews from PP; limbers from Museum Miniatures, with a PP horseholder who has had a headswap.

Custom casualty markers from Warbases

This time I went for Cd'A wood for the gun carriages, with my now trusty mix of Foundry blackened barrel shades for the metalwork (light for the wheel tyres and dark for everything else).

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  1. I really like that Foundry blackened barrel triad; it would make great blackened cuirassier armour.

    1. It does! (See A black wash really helps too.


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