Assault Parties (yet again)

Apologies, just a wee snippet of a post this week I'm afraid (there has been some significant bonus midweek ECWtravelogue content recently).

Today's post is the result of a combination of storage reorganisation, and some rebasing*. This led to a little alteration to my assault parties.

In case you are wondering how assault parties operated see here and here.

My assault parties consisted of five figures, all individually based; their storage box had plenty of room to house them. I decided that they would look much better on a movement base, but this would involve finding another couple of figures.

A quick rummage in my spares box yielded up some officer figures who required a headswap. A movement tray from Warbases finished the whole thing off.

* My usual basing 'recipe' consists of a base coat of Citadel Stirland Mud with a wash of Miniature Paints chestnut ink. 

As I was getting through bucketfuls of Stirland Mud (and it is quite pricey) I decided to replicate the effect with my own mix of glue, grit and paints. 

I thought it worked quite well until I saw some pictures and the new mix stood out like a sore thumb. 

I tried to tone it all down with a wash of Nuln Oil, which was much better; but it was never quite right. It has been slowly gnawing away at me, so I've finally bitten the bullet and rebased the all of the homebrew mix figures (sadly rather a lot, took ages).

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