Houses of Interest: Cambridgeshire

The first Cambridgeshire entry for the  Houses of Interest series isn't a house, it involves a church, a statue and a castle. I'm sure Trading Standards will be wanting a word...

See also Cromwell's House and the Cromwell Museum and the entry for Cambridge itself.

St Andrews Church, Northborough is where Cromwell's widow, Elizabeth Cromwell is buried. Her memorial stone is all but worn away, little more than 'ell' remaining visible. A plaque dedicated to her by the Cromwell Association is on the wall nearby.

St Ives market place boasts a very fetching statue of Cromwell.

Wisbech Castle was once a motte and bailey castle that morphed over time into a bishop's palace, a prison, then into the building that now stands upon the site. The castle has recently been taken over by Wisbech Castle Project who hope to restore the much neglected building back to the community. It is possible to visit the Castle's café; for hire as a wedding venue; and guided tours are available by appointment.

The Castle was fortified and garrisoned for Parliament during the Wars; it was then rebuilt as a home for John Thurloe, Cromwell’s Secretary of State.

Postcodes for SatNavs
St Andrews Church, Church St, Northborough PE6 9BN
Market Place, St Ives PE27 5AD
Wisbech Castle, The Crescent, Wisbech PE13 1ES

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