Oliver Cromwell's House

The ECW Travelogue visited Oliver Cromwell's House; bold claims from the nearby Cromwell Museum that they had the best collection of Cromwelliana, left me wondering whose coat I'd hold in the inevitable museum staff gang fight behind the shops after school. I needn't have feared becoming involved in a museum rumble - the two museums are very, very different.

 Cromwell's House is located in Ely, a beautiful medieval cathedral city. It also doubles as the local tourist information office, and triples as the local 'Escape Room'.

What's there to see?

Most of the museum is laid out as it would have looked when Oliver and his family lived in the house.

There are a number of items of Cromwelliana, including this statue.

One of the rooms upstairs is devoted to the Civil Wars, and has a number of display panels and replica items on display.

The museum also has a free walking guide to Huntingdon available "In Pursuit of Cromwell" - which links a number of sites with Cromwellian connections.

Postcodes for SatNavs
Cromwell's House CB7 4HF
St Mary's Street car park CB7 4ES

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