Who'd have thunk it?

Way back in the innocent days of the tail end of 2017, when if you entered a bank wearing a mask you'd have a lot of explaining to do, I started this blog.

It was meant as a store for all the snippets of information that were lying around on scraps of paper; something that would help me buy the correct version of Stirland Battlemire/Mud (I'm not sure, think it is mud, would have to check here first) when I visit the shops - even when I'd forgotten to take my shopping list with me. I didn't really expect many people to visit, or even read my inane ramblings.

As the little counter thingy has just rolled past a very big number (a quarter of a million!) I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who has visited the blog; read my nonsense (unlikely); looked at the pretty pictures (more likely); followed @KeepPowder on Twitter; liked posts; retweeted; commented upon posts; used one of my Google maps; promoted the blog on their own blog or website; generously supported the blog via Buy Me A Coffee; or visited one of my affiliate links.

My highlight is still visiting Naseby battlefield and seeing someone walking around near Sulby Hedges with a print off of my instructions.

Wow. A quarter of a million views. Who'd have thunk it?

In the unlikely event that anyone is actually reading this: if you find a broken link, a changed postcode (ECWTravelogue), or any other errors, please let me know and I will amend.

If you enjoyed reading this, or any of the other posts, please consider supporting the blog. 


  1. Read. Congrats on reaching a quarter of a million. Read two blogs today of yours, quarter of a million and one now. First out the traps for reaching a half a mill..

  2. Congratulations, I've really enjoyed this blog, especially the ECW Travelogue entries; always wonderfully educational.

    1. Many thanks Codsticker. Always nice to hear that the travelogue goes down well

  3. Well done Mike. I think your success is testament to the quality of the content. Not just well researched but clear and easily laid out. I am sure, like others, that are pages I keep coming back to. Your colour palette of clothing colours, for example, is an essential reference.

    1. Thanks Dex. Before I started the blog I asked for 'top tips' over on TWW. Best tip was to think long and hard about labels. Labels and their use is the key.


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