Forlorn Hope Guides

There are a number of Forlorn Hope scenario guides hidden away in the Caliver Books listings. I've managed to find six such volumes, there may well be more.

(They are quite old, so definitely in the 'new old stock' category - all of the titles that I have listed below may not be available for long.)

Description of the Royal Standard, and Rupert's Banner from First Newbury

Whilst written to accompany the Forlorn Hope rules, these scenario guides are much much more than just simple scenario booklets. If you are familiar with Peachey and Prince's Flags of the English Civil Wars Volume 1, then you'll know exactly what sort of booklet you'll be getting: A5 stapled booklets with a coloured card cover.

These are old, and now look very dated; but the contents are absolutely superb.  They do duplicate some of the material from Peachey and Prince's flag book, but there is also a lot of material which was supposed to have appeared in their never completed volume 2. (For a fuller explanation of the confusing tale of Partizan's flag books see here.) As well as considerable discussion of flags, there are biographies of each battle's protagonists, maps, orders of battle, description of events as well as Forlorn Hope army lists for each encounter.

These are well worth purchasing, even if you don't play Forlorn Hope, or even intend to 'convert' them to your preferred rules.

So far I have discovered the following volumes:-

Hopton Heath

First Newbury



Cropredy Bridge


Once again I must reiterate that I am not on commission from Partizan/Caliver. I wish I was - would save me a fortune!

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  1. Caliver do a lot of wonderful stuff on the ECW. Not to mention the Wargamer's Annual

    1. They do indeed. I wonder if there is a direct correlation with the owner's interests in the Wars? 😉

  2. You also want to look at the ECW Scenario Books, also written for Forlorn Hope, the latest No5 has Cropredy Bridge. They are all really useful books.

    1. They are very good (not quite in the same league as these ones though). I reviewed them all (1-5, cavalry, campaigns and sieges) on the 18th July.

  3. Bought some of these 30 years ago and still have them.

  4. Good to see they are still available. They were written to coincide with the 350th anniversaries


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