Montrose's Army

The second (I posted pictures of my Royalist Army some time ago,) here's an excuse to post lots of pictures of my armies, post. This time the Army of Montrose takes centre stage.

Before anyone says "hang on a minute...", yes there is too much cavalry.

The army consists of:
  • 6 'regiments' of highlanders, each 24 figures (144 total)
  • 3 regiments of the Irish Brigade, each 34 figures (102 total)
  • 1 regiment of Scots (34 total)
  • 2 regiments of harquebusiers, each 16 figures (32 total)
  • 1 regiment of lancers, 16 figures
  • 1 frame gun, with a crew of 4
  • 1 frame gun horse with horseholder
  • 1 piece of baggage, with 2 figures
  • 3 'commanders' singularly based
  • Montrose and ensign

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