Baggage Train (Again)

Yes, again. Baggage.

Bit of a recurring theme here.

For the benefit of new readers I keep getting tempted by shiny things and add to my baggage trains - all the while vowing that that is really is my final addition. Probably done this three or four times now. My baggage trains are now mahoosive.

When I discovered that a relative was a captain in Holland's Regiment of Foot, well I had to represent them (and him). Which meant that the Royalists needed another regiment of foot. Which meant I needed to rebalance the armies as they were becoming very foot heavy. But this post is about baggage - I'm coming to that, be patient.

So a really big sort out of the spares box was in order. I discovered that I had enough dead harquebusiers for my big cavalry expansion, and also enough dead musketeers for the few more regiments of foot. But then I started rummaging around in the spares box. Museum Miniatures had thrown in some 'pack donkeys' into one of my orders in lieu of postage charges (thank you Museum Miniatures), and there were also a few marching musketeers in the box too.

Then I started rereading Warlord Game's "To Kill A King" Pike & Shotte supplement, and I saw a picture of a mule train. Which got me thinking.

So here they are, two mule train additions to the King's, and Parliament's baggage trains. Marching musketeers are accompanied by pack mules from Museum. Bases are 30mm x 70mm Warbases, which I just happened to have lying around, like you do - doesn't everybody?

Update: the annual visit to York Racecourse for Vapnartak has, inevitably led to a further two more mule trains...

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