Essex's Coffin

I've been pretty quiet of late: in the unlikely event that you have been waiting for the latest thrilling instalment I apologise.

Salute, turned into a bit of a fiasco, only really managing to pick up preorders. Which was a real shame as there were a number of ECW games I wanted to view, and a number of vendors I wanted to visit. Alas, it was not to be (one of my boys was rather poorly).

Straight after Salute I had shoulder surgery, so that put a bit of a dampener on my new found painting enthusiasm. Thankfully all looks to have gone well so time to ease myself back in gently.

And so to the Matchlock range, they have much more meat on their bones than my usual figures, although heightwise they are surprisingly close. Which is why I have only really used figures from their 'characters' section to bolster my civilians or baggage train.

The main focus has revolved around putting Essex's coffin on the battlefield. Inspired by an Easter showing of 'Cromwell' on the BBC (yes, I still watched it even though I own it on DVD ). Essex is supposed to have taken a coffin and a winding sheet to Edgehill; I haven't seen any further references to him taking it to other battles.

The cart is from A&M (Donnington Miniatures), which sizewise is another incremental step up from the Museum Miniatures carts. Purists should look away now, Essex carried his coffin around in his coach. But, like the people behind the Cromwell film, I too, have employed considerable artistic license.

The coffin is from a western range. The cart, once made, is worth the effort; incredibly fiddly to assemble though, a few fingers were stuck together in the process. Green stuff was required to fill the gaps, and considerable modification of the shaft was also required.

The carts come with a number of items of baggage, all seperate, which is a nice touch. I have also added a couple of halberds that were left over from my Covenators. l picked up 3 of these carts at Salute - I have a feeling there won't be a rush to get the other two added to the baggage train.

Added to the vignette behind the cart is a 'looting pikeman'.

Then from left to right 'musketeer pointing', 'musketeer with chicken', 'dismounted cavalryman with halberd', 'drummer waving hat, holding drum' (although I think he might be somebody else as he isn't  waving anything - could be 'drummer with montero, sash'?), and an 'officer with halberd and walking stick'.

I also rounded out my Matchlock orders with a couple of generals,

...and a 'belligerent bishop', and a 'lady with a long gun'.

 She looks better painted than in raw metal - unpainted she looks like she is a guitarist from a niche heavy metal band.

The 'belligerent bishop' is clearly a representation of the Archbishop of York, John Williams

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