Colonel Richard Bagot’s Regiment of Foot

After so many Regiments of Horse I'm taking time off from cavalry and rewarding myself with a Regiment of Foot.

As Richard Bagot's Regiment of Horse has just graced the blog, it is only right and proper that his Regiment of Foot do too.

The Regiment became the Lichfield garrison in 1644, which is something at least part of the Regiment maintained until 1646.

They developed a reputation for being proficient skirmishers and plunderers - obviously venturing out of Lichfield to resupply the garrison.

As well as these garrison duties they fought at Cotes Bridge, Leicester, Naseby, Huntingdon, possibly Rowton Heath, and the failed attempt to relieve Chester.

Richard was wounded at Naseby and retreated to Lichfield where he died of his wounds. He was buried at Lichfield  Cathedral, where his memorial is still visible in the south aisle of the choir (the memorial is in Latin, but bears his coat of arms - look for a goat's head).

Their coat colour is unknown but their colours are - often incorrectly shown as being purple, the diarist Richard Symonds specifically describes the colour as azure (blue) field with mullet or (gold stars).

A number of wargame focused websites state that Bagot's wore purple coats, and one of the photos on the Bagot's RoF reenactment website looks to show bluey purple coats, but there is no evidence to suggest this was the case. The regiment are re-enacted by Colonel Richard Bagot's Regiment of Foote, who have chosen to wear a variety of red, and blue coats.

I chose to go with a grey coat, taking the lead from Gell's, and Rugeley's Regiments who were from the same part of the world.

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