Newark played an important role in the Civil War and has a number of places of interest for the Civil War enthusiast.

First off is the National Civil War Centre, housed in the old Newark museum the buildings have been tastefully renovated. The main gallery is devoted to the Civil Wars, mostly interpretative panels and interactive stuff (and dressing up) for the kids. They have recently acquired 25 pieces of armour which they hope to display in the coming years. This should pad out the collection nicely.

If this was all Newark had to offer, I'd say give it a miss unless you were local. However the Centre has developed an app guide to the Newark Civil War trail. Download before you go as mobile data coverage was pretty non-existent when I visited. The trail is short enough for small people not to get too bored, plus you can play spot the cannonball hole in the church spire.

The Queen's Sconce is pretty well preserved and gives a good idea of defensive earthworks. The park it is located in often plays host to the Sealed Knot. If you are travelling any distance I'd recommend timing your visit with one of these events. Or of course one of the Partizan shows.


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