The Commandery, Worcester

The Commandery in Worcester is a magnificent building rooted in the history of the ancient city of Worcester. For the ECW gamer it becomes particularly relevant as Charles II's headquarters during the Battle of Worcester. 

The building has been beautifully renovated, and is approached from the city centre by crossing a bridge which has a balustrade resplendent with pikes, breast plates and helmets.

The galleries were revamped last year, and now tell the tale of Worcester in the Civil Wars more appropriately. 

The galleries don't just tell the story of the building during the Civil Wars but also it's  role in medieval times. 

For the ECW aficionado there are a number of artefacts and interpretive panels, some reproduction uniforms and artillery pieces, as well as some hands on exhibits for the small people. But what really shines out is the beauty of the building itself.

Bank holiday weekends often have a re-enactment society event on, which coupled with a stroll around this historic city makes the journey doubly worthwhile. See here.

Worcester  Cathedral's website has a useful precis of the role of Worcester during the wars, and a downloadable self guided civil war walk around the town here. The Battlefields Trust occasionally put on walking tours of the battlefield, these are listed on their events page.

Fort Royal Park, located behind the Commandery, gives splendid views over the city and the Malvern hills. This was the site of a sconce during the wars. There are some replica cannons and a memorial to the battle.

For those more local, the Battle of Worcester Society host a number of lectures about the Civil Wars (in general) at the Commandery. Details from their website.

A recent addition to the displays - recreations of the Yate cornets

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