Parliamentarian Cavalry

I must confess to having employed a bit of artistic licence with my cavalry units; not as bad as the flouncy cavaliers, and rugby shirt wearing puritans of the 1970 Cromwell film, but enough to have a button counter seeking therapy, or a quiet room in which to rock.

For some reason, known only to my inner self my Parliamentarian cavalry all wear helmets, and my Royalists wear hats. Tosh I know, but that is how I have organised them.

I've gone for a random mix of sword and pistol wielding figures, from the Peter Pig range of course. I've chosen units of sixteen riders, thirteen troopers, a cornet, a trumpeter and an officer. Based in groups of four on Warbases 30mm x 60mm, standards from Maverick Models. At the moment I have four units of cavalry, with another three in the pipeline (and a unit of cuirassiers). Figures painted by Alan Tuckey. Edit: better make that another seven units in the pipeline, and a unit of cuirassiers.


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