General's Litter

Clearly trying to avoid finishing the latest regiment of horse, I had a look at the Matchlock listings over on Caliver Books (if the 'one legged musketeer with pig' ever comes back into production I'll be first in the queue) and noticed 'general in mule litter with servant'. I'd heard tell of such a set but had never noticed it in the listings*.

So it had to be ordered, along with a few other generals, purely in order to justify the postage.

An adventurous casting, which needed considerable cleaning up. Painted the inside Railmatch weathered black, and block painted the general before gluing the two halves of the compartment together. Liquid green stuff applied to the join lines.

The mules had their undersides and muzzle stippled with Coat d'Arms bone to make them look distinctly mule like, rather than just undersized horses.

I began to wonder how it would attach to the mules when complete. I needn't have worried as it glued neatly and securely to the mules' harness straps (a small 2mm thick MDF base supporting the litter whilst the glue cured).

I have also added a couple more commanders to my general staff.
First up is Major-General Sir William Brereton, he is depicted wearing a secret (a discrete metal helmet worn under a hat). This figure is 'officer buffcoat, secret, holding hat'.

Finally Prince Maurice of the Palatinate - this is 'officer buff coat, pot, carbine'.

*Obviously I had been 'looking like a man'™: spending my working life mostly with women, this is something I have been accused of many times

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