Don't panic!

As per the title of this post, please don't panic. However, I do have to inform my regular readers (hello both of you) that KeepYourPowderDry may go a little quiet for a wee while. It's not going away, you don't have to Wayback Machine everything, it's just I am rather busy*.

A new job inevitably leads to being ridiculously busy for a period until systems are in place - which has had the consequence that I haven't picked up a paint brush in weeks. That pile of harquebusiers on my desk are still bare metal.

A red herring attending a fancy dress party as an owl?

Plus a very exciting offer has been accepted which will take my full attention away from KeepYourPowderDry for a period. I really really want to tell you, but I can't. So don't ask. Rubbish at keeping 'good' secrets. You'll find out eventually, and agree that it is 'moderately acceptable'.

But rest assured that the usual poor quality blather and waffle will return soon. 

There are a number of monster ECW travelogue trips planned. Still some London Trained Bands regiments to paint; Frances Dalyell's troop needs creating (as well as lots more death-by-brown-paint™ for Parliament); oh and kilts, lots more blooming kilts. And I've still not got around to writing rules reviews...

* Classic British understatement

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  1. Good luck with new role and opportunity!

  2. Good luck with your new role Radar.

  3. Good luck with the new job- quick question- where did you get the flowers from for basing? I can only source those suitable for 28mm and they look enormous next to my 15mm figs!

    1. Thanks Lewis.
      They are.... ... MiniNatur Tufts with blossoms 726-21s spring (yellow and white), and 726-23searly fall (purple and white) . Available from Warbases.

      Don't bother with the late fall option, not so useful. I am tempted by some summer ones (red and white).

      The grass tufts I use are MiniNatur 'short tufts' 717-21 spring, 717-22 summer, 717-24 late fall. (717-23 early fall is almost indistinguishable from 717-22 summer)

  4. Good luck wit your new job


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