Sir Arthur Hesilrigge’s Regiment of Foot

This post is brought to you courtesy of a Twitter poll; struck down by indecision, the poll overwhelmingly voted for a Regiment of Foot rather than a Regiment of Horse to be next on the painting queue.

Sir Arthur is best known for raising the London Lobsters, he also raised a Regiment of Foot, who served in Waller's Southern Association. 

Originally planned to be Colonel Edwards Aldrich's RoF, I realised that I'd already represented them (but in their Lord Saye and Sele guise), so I needed another blue coated regiment. Hesilrigge's fitted the bill. 

Raised in August 1643 they first saw action at the siege of Basing House. They would go on to the standoff at Farnham; they stormed Alton Church; the siege of Arundel; Cheriton; besieged at Lyme Regis; Cropredy Bridge; the relief of Taunton; they garrisoned Wareham; possibly took part in a skirmish at Dorchester; before being reduced into Sir Hardress Waller’s Regiment of Foot of the New Model Army in April 1645.

Cooke’s Regiment of Foot were reduced into the regiment in May 1644; and, in July 1644 two companies transferred to Colonel Holborne’s Regiment of Dragoons.

Noted as wearing blue coats at Lyme Regis in June 1644, they were also described as "carrying eight or ten blew colours", no device design recorded: so, to be on the safe side, they carry the lieutenant colonel's colour. For a bit of variety I have gone for a light blue coat, using Foundry 22B vivid blue which looked completely wrong until it was washed with Nuln Oil. A handful of headswaps, mostly due to my aversion to morions.

If you'd like to know more about Sir Arthur he's already graced these pages.

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  1. Lovely! Love that blue.. most effective..

    1. Thanks Steve. Looked much too bright before the Nuln wash. Looks much better in real life, there's the odd coat in the pictures that have me muttering to myself.

  2. Lovely looking regiment of blue coats!
    Best Iain


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