Lord Grey of Groby's Regiment of Horse

 Lord Grey of Groby's Regiment of Horse was initially raised in Leicester as a troop that served in Sir William Balfour’s Regiment of Horse at Edgehill.

As it became apparent that the war would be a protracted affair Grey's troop leaves Sir William Balfour’s Regiment of Horse for service under Lord Grey in the Midlands.

Now elevated to a Regiment in their own right they fought at First Newbury, skirmished  at Nottingham, besieged Newark, skirmished at Hinckley, stormed Muskham Bridge, fought at the Battle of Cotes Bridge, Newark, Selby, were possibly at the Battle of Ormskirk, and possibly besieged at Leicester.

A handful of headswaps, and interestingly my randomisation of figures (aka throwing loads of figures in a pile and pulling out the correct number) has resulted in a sword heavy unit. I quite like it. Plus a mounted casualty figure. Cornet as always from Maverick Models.

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  1. Well done, beautiful cavalry!

  2. Really great looking regiment & always enjoy reading the background.

  3. Nice work .. love all the additional baggage, bags and sacks.. real campaign look..


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