English Civil War Flags

This week a bit of a book review. Which is a bit odd, because it is two books.

Steve Archibald published his first volume with Redcrest Books (part of Amazon) a couple of years ago. The first volume covers English and Scottish Foot Regiments.

His second volume covers Cavalry Cornets and Guidons.

Both books are well researched: anyone familiar with the source material will be able to see that the author has gone back to primary source material to check the designs rather than simply rehash the Military Modelling flag articles from 79/80. You'd be surprised how many other authors and flag manufacturers have used the MM articles as their source material.

The giveaway that the author went back to original source material

Many flags were only described, rather than illustrated, in source material - so they are only an artist's interpretation.

Publishers of flag books take note: this is how to do a flag book - full colour illustrations!

The Foot volume starts by explaining the differing flag systems. It then goes on to illustrate Royalist, Parliamentarian, Trained Band, and Scottish flags.

The Cavalry volume differs in that all cornets and guidons are in alphabetical order, rather than being split by allegiance.

Both volumes can be picked up for less than £30 for the pair, which is considerably cheaper than many of the ECW flag books currently on the market.

My only quibble is that source material is not attributed to each flag. If this is important to you, then spending a bit more for the hardback Fahnen und Standarten Volume V is the better option.

Highly recommended.

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  1. Cheers. I don't know whether to thank you or curse you. My Civil War interest had been on a bit of a back burner but your various articles are serving to rekindle the flames....Certainly my bank manager is less than impressed. And next comes my other half's war cry "What, more books!? Where are you going to put these ones!?" If I go quiet for good you know I've either collapsed under boxes of miniatures or a stack of books....

    1. Sorry Dex. Sounds like you need to invest in some stout shelving too.

      I have been blamed by a few people for 'egging them on', so more than happy to stand in and take any blame. "It was some bigger boys, they went that way..."

  2. I was able to purchase these off of amazon. TYVM for the review!

    1. Please pass on my apologies to your bank manager.


      Happy to have helped.

      (Delete as appropriate)

  3. As I am on a preholiday spending ban, I have the books on my wish list, with every intention of hitting the order button if these two do not appear under the tree. . .

    1. Good luck with keeping your ban, and fingers crossed that they appear under the tree


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