Parliamentarian Artillery (Again)

Due to continual 'ah, but I need to represent this unit' type scenarios I came to the conclusion that I needed some more artillery for my armies. This coincided with the demise of Naismith-Roundway and I thought I wouldn't be able to get matching limbers. 

Thankfully, I discovered KeepWargaming who have a dwindling stock of Naismith figures. I quickly purchased all of the limbers in their stock room.  (So expect similar artillery posts about the Covenanters and the Royalists.)

So here are my final planned Parliamentarian figures: two minions, crews and limbers. Figures from PP, the gun is listed as light gun.

I must confess that I wasn't totally happy with my cannons. Historically the metalwork was most probably black, but it just looked much too flat. So I decided to paint these differently. I decided to use Foundry blackened barrel. I have two shades of the paint, the lighter version being used for the wheel tyres (my thinking being that the paint would be more worn), and the darker version being used for the carriage and barrel metalwork. I am much happier with this painting scheme, so much so I revisited my entire artillery train and redid them to match.

Limbers are Naismith with a PP dragoon horse holder.

These were in a tray that took a bit of a tumble; I thought that I had got away without any damage: the red coated drover still needs his hat tidying up

Custom casualty markers from Warbases.

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  1. Nice. I've always found limbers a bit odd in Civil War games as there is none of that dashing about you can get with Napoleonic games. As such, my limbers have nearly all been relegated to camp duties.

    1. Thanks Dex, they are a little superfluous in games, but they look nice.


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