Montrose's Artillery and Baggage

Montrose's army wasn't known for it's artillery or baggage trains, but they must have had one.

A good rummage (who doesn't love a good rummage?) in the spares box provided some dragoon horseholders, who with a headswap for a Scots bonnet some became little Scottish men.

A Museum Miniatures open wagon with load, with a couple of extra PP drums and a Donnington halberd fancying up the cart's load up a bit.

As Montrose wasn't really known for his artillery train I had a spare PP frame gun and crew lurking in the spares box.

Also residing in the spares box was a Magister Militum pack mule, a suitable candidate to transport the frame gun between jobs.

I would like to point out that my spares box is not enormous, nor does it hold riches beyond belief. In fact, apart from far too many standard bearers it is looking pretty empty now.

Of course an artillery expansion requires a casualty marker from Warbases.

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