Act of Oblivion

Bonus Tuesday book post!

The Act of Oblivion was passed in 1660 and was, in theory, a line drawn at the end of the Commonwealth allowing the Restoration of the crown with effectively a clean slate for everyone who had taken part in the Civil Wars. With the exception of the regecides.

It is also the title of Robert Harris's latest novel. With one foot in a history book, and the other firmly in fiction Harris's story follows the fictitious agent of the crown Richard Nayler. Nayler's task is to hunt down the regicides, and the novel focuses on his hunt for Colonel Edward Whalley,  and Colonel William Goffe.

The novel is currently serialised on BBC Radio 4's 'A Book At Bedtime'. There are ten fifteen minute long episodes. Well worth a download. (The series started Monday 16th January and should be available for a few months to come).

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