Holly Holy Day 2023

Crivens! A second bonus post in less than a week.

The first re-enactment date in the calendar is always Holly Holy Day in Nantwich. The day celebrates and commemorates the battle of Nantwich. This year was the 50th re-enactment of the battle, for which the Battle of Nantwich Society and The Sealed Knot should be applauded.

So here, without any shame whatsoever, is gallery of some of the events from the day.

The Royalist Army

Parliament's Army

The Armies march to the Battlefield

The Battle Re-Enactment

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  1. Great photos. Every time I see reenactment photos it makes me think I should be painting a lot more grey clothing lol.

    1. The more I read Perfect Passages and the NMA contracts it makes me know I should be using a lot more grey paint. 😉

      Photos aren't my best, the viewing area was packed. It seemed that every time I raised my camera the man in front put his arm in the air blocking my shot. If I lowered my camera his arm went down. I don't think he had eyes in the back of his head.


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