Irish Command

Following on from Professor Furgol's talk at the Helion Century of the Soldier Conference, it became apparent my Irish men needed some spiritual leadership to take them into battle. (Too complicated to explain, I'm sure it will be in his new book.)

I found a pack of monks from Magister Militum that pretty much fitted the image that Ed had shared of a Spanish tercio going into battle with a cross held high to inspire the soldiers.

So here they are, no idea if the robes are accurate, but they 'feel' right.

Irish you say? Yes, I've taken the plunge and started creating an Irish Confederate army, these Godly men will inspire the Confederates and the Irish Brigade fighting for the King with Montrose.

There are quite a few spare monks in my spares box now, so don't be at all surprised if one or two appear in the command bases of a Confederate RoF.

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  1. Nice work. I think they look the business. I have a couple in my Irish forces but have tended towards brown robes to represent Franciscans, who were the primary monastic order active in the period. However, they were significantly outnumbered by secular priests in Ireland. A 1613 record indicates an estimated number of the clergy in Ireland: 800 seculars, 130 Franciscans, 20 Jesuits, a few Benedictines and Dominicans.

    1. That's really interesting Dex, can you remember the source for all of that? I really struggled finding anything about which monastic orders were prevalent in C17 Ireland, hence my fancy dress monk outfits.

      Think they might be getting a repaint...

    2. The numbers turned up in an internet search. The source is suggested to be a report in Italian, presumably to the Vatican. Mentioned in Chapter 3 of A Companion to Catholicism and Recusancy in Britain and Ireland.


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