The Pike and Shot Society

Today's post is a plug for an organisation that I am not a member of, but publishes exceedingly good books. And before you ask, no, I am not on commission. I take no responsibility for any large orders of books placed after reading this post.

From the Society's website:

Founded in 1973, the Pike and Shot Society is an international organization that promotes interest in the warfare of the Early Modern Period, a time that saw radical change in the way in which wars were fought world-wide. Its main activity is the publication of its highly respected bi-monthly journal Arquebusier as well as specialist books, monographs and booklets.

The Society also has a presence on Facebook, a very good links page, and of course, the publications for sale page.

The Society's publications don't appear to be available anywhere else (if they were I'd advocate buying direct so that all profit goes to the Society).

Probably the most valuable books for anyone wanting to recreate specific Parliamentarian armies are "Waller's Army" and "The Army of the Eastern Association" both by Laurence Spring. I hold both these books in very high regard when it comes to 'armies', they are on a par with "Old Robin's Foot".

Surprisingly there is just one tome on a Civil War battle, Stephen Ede-Borrett's "Lostwithiel 1644", which in another life would surely have been a glossy Helion volume.

Finally, three volumes from Simon Marsh, covering the artillery and baggage trains of Essex's army. Essex's army is very well served for the wargamer with these three volumes, and "Old Robin's Foot", "The Chief Strength of the Army" and "Hey For Old Robin".

These three volumes have short commentaries, with the bulk of their content being transcribed original documents. "Train...Volume 1" covers October 1642 - September 1643, "Train... Volume 2" covers 1644-5, and "Exceeding Toylsome" covers the logistics and supply. For those of you with an accountancy background, these will be very exciting.

All Pike and Shot Society volumes are cheaper for members; and are available in soft or hardback versions. One minor quibble with the softback versions - they don't always have the title on the spine.

You can find the Pike and Shot Society here. They often attend the larger wargames shows.

Please shop for books responsibly.

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