Without giving too much away, I found myself in need of some rat markers to go alongside my rat catcher and plague doctors... 

Hunting for 15mm rats on Google got me nowhere really, it was only when I used the term 'skaven'* that I actually started getting somewhere. 

Eventually discounting numerous anthropomorphic rats with shields and unfeasibly large swords I found some rat swarms on Etsy. These are 3D resin prints, and three bases came in at £2.50.

Spot the cartwheel

When they eventually arrived, one base was pure rats, one had a skeleton on it and another a shield. Not really what I wanted but I could disguise the inappropriate bits under foliage.

Members of the National Fancy Rat Society look away now, my rats have more in common with the film Ratatouille than real life.

They'll do nicely.

But why do I need rat markers...? All in good time 

* something to do with Warhammer I believe

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