Alatriste (2006)

 What? Another excursion into cinema? Afraid so. Once again I take a look at 30YW set motion pictures.

"Alatriste" is a Spanish language epic, starring that well known Spanish actor Viggo Mortensen. Mortensen plays the eponymous hero, Captain Alatriste, a C17th Spanish Sharpe type character.

The film condenses a number of novels into just one story. It starts during the Dutch Revolt, returns to the Netherlands for the Siege of Breda, terminating at the Battle of Rocroi. In between the battle scenes, Alatriste falls in love with an actress, and is hired to assassinate the Prince of Wales (the future Charles I), and the Duke of Buckingham. Expect a lot of sword fighting.

The film has very high production values, costumes and sets are wonderful, and the battle scenes are excellent; the film was reported to be the second most expensive Spanish film made.

The film has a good plot, there's a genuinely good story being told here (Twentieth Century Fox, have apparently secured the rights to an English language remake).

I know that watching subtitled films is not for everyone, if they aren't for you I would highly recommend seeking out the battle scenes on YouTube as they give a very good flavour of pike and shot battles.

The film is available on various streaming services, but is also currently available, in full, free on YouTube.

Please be aware the film was retitled for an English speaking audience as "Captain Alatriste: The Spanish Musketeer" when searching for it.


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  1. I agree with you that the battle scenes are most impressive. The use of daggers during push of pike is not something I have seen or heard of before but I am sure it must have happened. Paul.

  2. Was going to say what PDL said. It makes sense when you think how reluctant two pike blocks would be to get really close when both sides are steady.

  3. I loved the books and enjoyed the movie. One element is the link to Spanish art and poetry of the period. In particular, I llike the idea that Alatriste ends up in the Velazquez painting of the Surrender of Breda.


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