A Very Big Number!

To celebrate the hit counter passing a very big number, here by way of a thank you are some 'snaps' from Holly Holy Day 2024.

I didn't take my camera with me this year, just my phone. 

I was intending to post these earlier in the week but unfortunately a popular Nantwich café decided to serve me a milk latte rather than the soya latte I had ordered, and as a result I was rather poorly for 48 hours.*

* I did contact the café when I had recovered to explain what had happened, food allergies can be fatal, I was just ill for 48 hours. I wasn't fishing for compensation, or wanting to sue them, just point out the importance of getting things 'right'. When they eventually replied they were very surprised that it could have happened, staff training blah blah blah, and they hoped to see me again soon. They want me to visit again after the very unpleasant 48 hours that they caused? Not on your nelly!

If you enjoyed this post, or rather, liked the pictures, great. Thanks for reading/looking. If you would like to support the blog, please read some more pages - I promise there are no more moans about Nantwich cafés.


  1. Sorry to hear about your brush with incompetence.
    Nice pictures. It's amazing the quality you can get on a phone camera these days.

    1. Thanks, the software with phone cameras does a heck of a lot of heavy lifting.


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