Magister Militum Buildings

Always on the lookout for suitable buildings to populate the battlefield.

I noticed that Magister Militum had a number of potential buildings in their range when I purchased my star fort.

As MM were attending Vapnartak I thought I could pick up a couple of test buildings, and save on postage. As they don't normally take their building range to shows I pre-ordered them.

Both buildings were pretty clean casts, minimal clean up required, only a couple of small bubbles visible.

First up BD108 Wealden House. Nope, I didn't know what Wealden meant, I presumed it was a style of framing. A quick Google showed that I was on the right tracks:

"The Wealden hall house is a type of vernacular medieval timber-framed hall house traditional in the south east of England. Typically built for a yeoman, it is most common in Kent (hence "Wealden" for the once densely forested Weald) and the east of Sussex but has also been built elsewhere." (Wikipedia)

MM Wealden House, Peter Pig ECW house, Hovels 3T5 with PP dragoons for size

Nice model, painted up well, excellent fit with my other buildings (mostly Hovels, and some Peter Pig). 75mm height to the apex of the roof. Whilst the Hovels buildings are clearly undersized in order to reduce their footprint, I don't think these three buildings look too incongruous together.

Next up is BD110 Yeoman's House. Really nice model, I like it, but... very tall. Taller than my church. Whilst I realise that my Hovels buildings are probably nearer 10mm sized, this seems to be nearer 18mm or 20mm sized, the door is noticeably bigger than my 'true 15mm' PP figures. 120mm height to roof apex. A really nice model, but not a good fit with my other buildings sadly. Think this one might end up on fleabay... or if it takes your fancy drop me an email with an offer.

The Yeoman's House clearly stands out


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