The Cromwell Museum - re-visited

The ECWtravelogue visited the Cromwell Museum (see here) what seems an age ago. In the intervening time the Museum closed for a major revamp and I've been waiting to re-visit for over a year (thanks to a global pandemic).

Strangely the museum has been somewhat constrained by the building, they haven't been able to implement a TARDIS upgrade. What they have done is made everything much brighter, smarter, and well... much more nicely presented than it was.

My first impression was that the extensive collection of portraits was easier to view.

Might be a clue here as to whom this museum is 'dedicated to'
(and it isn't Monck who has photobombed the shot)

Riding gaiters

When travelling I carry a first aid kit in my car, the Lord Protector was no different: his travelling apothecary set

Cromwell's stirrups. Probably.

Postcodes for SatNavs
The Cromwell Museum PE29 3LF

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