Once Upon A Time In the West Country

Another set of rules from the pen of Pete Berry.

Clearly the rules deserve to win a prize for the name alone.

These are now 30 years old, but are still available new from Caliver Books (or OMM if you find yourself, through no fault of your own, on the incorrect side of the Atlantic).

The game is designed for 1:1 small scale skirmishes: but it is not a role playing game. Written for 25mm sized figures, players using 15mm simply convert inches to cm. Games are best with about 10 figures a side.

Figures can be raw, trained or veteran. It is fast to learn and equally fast to play. Combat is handled by simple dice rolls, so this is not a game for the player who wants a long Hollywood style duel. This is a really simple, fast paced game that is great fun. 

There are optional rules for using pike blocks, but I really wouldn't expect pikemen to fight as pikemen (i.e. with their pikes) in such small engagements; grenadoes; and artillery. There are two scenarios to help you get a feel for the game.

If you fancy making the game a little more complicated, it is possible to add the extra rules in companion volume Once Upon A Time In The West Indies.

All presented in a no frills 30 page A5 booklet.

Equipment needed:

  • Measuring tape/ruler inches/cm
  • D6
  • A pair of percentage dice

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  1. Great to know these rules are still available- I have often thought of trying to find them.

    1. Might be worth picking up Once Upon... West Indies too if they are in stock


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