The Army of the Solemn League and Covenant

The third here's an excuse to post lots of pictures of my armies, post. This time the Army of Montrose takes centre stage. A 'completed' Solemn League Army post has appeared before - but as we all know, armies are never 'finished'. Here they are with all the recent additions - baggage, artillery, extra command.

The Solemn League Army consists of:
  • 6 regiments of foot, each 34 men (204 total)
  • 1 regiment of dragoons, 21 men and horses
  • 1 regiment of cuirassiers, 16 men
  • 1 regiment of harquebusiers, 16 men
  • 3 regiments of lancers, each 16 men (48 total)
  • 2 sakers, each with 4 crew (8 total)
  • 2 heavy limbers, each with a drover
  • 1 minion, with 4 crew
  • 1 liight limer, with drover
  • 4 frame guns, each with 4 crew (16 total)
  • 4 frame gun horses, each with a horseholder
  • a priest 
  • 3 'commanders'
  • Lord Leven and ensign
  • 1 baggage cart, with 2 figures
  • 2 pack horses with drovers
Lord Leven takes centre stage

Scottish heavy metal - pure conjecture based on a teeny weeny possibility

Fraser's dragoons - all headswaps

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  1. Great post and great troops. Also very timely as I'm just about to start painting this same army for my customer using of course Peter Pig figures :)

    1. Thanks Lee. Good luck painting a Covenanter army (if only somebody had written a guide to painting them 🤔😉).

      To get the full range of Scots soldier types you have to venture into the realms of headswaps and conversions. (dragoons and mounted command figures).

  2. This whole site is an amazing resource, fine work! :)


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