Baroque - Europe at War 1550-1700

Baroque, from Dadi & Piombo, are based on the popular Impetus rules for Ancient to Medieval warfare (adapting ancients rules to the renaissance is something that we will see as a recurring trend in future rules reviews).

The full colour 53 page rulebook is ring bound (the preferred rulebook binding at Château KeepYourPowderDry as books lie flat on the table). The rules are very well written and easy to understand even if you are completely new to the game, without a guide to help you through the mechanisms. Other rules writers please take note of this, and remember that these rules were originally written in Italian. Admittedly there are a handful of occasions where the translation falls down a little, particularly with acronyms (e.g. base value unit is VBU). On first reading the use of acronyms is a little confusing, but familiarity does away with this.

The book is lavishly illustrated with diagrams explaining mechanisms, and lots of 28mm eye candy. 

Basing, for those who are interested in such things, are given as total frontage of a unit (18cm for 28mm, and given in base units or BU. BU, in turn give movement distances and firing ranges.

Chapters cover troop definitions, terrain, initiative and activation, movement, firing, melee and special characteristics (there are rules for ahem 'camp followers' raising the morale of troops by providing 'services'). Then there are conditions for victory, optional rules, army lists and quick reference sheets.

Throughout the book there are Mary Rose 'tips' - which are very useful, and should be heeded. 

Turn taking is decided through command structure, based upon general's ability and die rolls.

The game is points based, and the table size is dependant upon army points (a 100 point 15mm army requires a 180cm x 120cmm, approx. 6' x 4').

Army lists cover the 30YW, early ECW, later Turks, Imperialist and Poles. There are a lot of additional lists on their website including late war Royalist, NMA, Scots Royalists, Solemn League, and Irish Confederate. The rules are supported via their Facebook group, and a rules forum accessible from their Baroque page.

Quick reference sheets are included, and can also be downloaded from the website. I have put all 4 pages on two sides of A4 card and laminated them - still easily readable even with old eyes.

The rules are fast to play, have very little 'down time' during the game and are very enjoyable. Fast becoming a favourite at Château KeepYourPowderDry.

Equipment needed:

  • ruler or tape measure (cm) or movement stick marked with your BU
  •  D6
  • Markers (disorder, casualty, and reaction status)

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  1. One thing I did like about these rules is that basing system means you can use DBR/FOGR based troops without much problem, especially with a sabot.

    1. I am immune to basing controversies due to ploughing my own furrow. So thanks for adding this information.


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