Witchfinder General: Days of Revelation

 As it is All Hallows Eve, it is only appropriate that I give you a review of the slightly spooky* Witchfinder General rules.

If you are a fan of the film Solomon Kane then these will be right up your street. Take a sprinkling of northern European folklore and add a good measure of 17th century wargaming. Werewolves, vampires, witches, pikemen, what's not to like?

I suppose that before I begin, I should point out that these rules are out of print and are much sought after. That's something very definitely not to like about them, unless you have a copy.

These small-scale skirmish rules pit pikemen, musketeers and witchfinders in their righteous fight against vampires, witches and their human and non-human followers. Among these are the barguest, the mythical hellhound of English moors, and noctelinger, a kind of ghoul. Humans on both sides fight with muskets, pikes, pistols and swords. 

The game has an interactive IGO-UGO system which is explained in a standard sequence of turns: moving, firing and combat and then on to specific rules for troop types and terrain effects. Of course, rules have been given for the obligatory Hammer House of Horror fog and flying witches.

A straightforward set of rules that are well written, illustrated and easy to pick up without inside knowledge. There are 6 scenarios included which can be played separately or as a campaign. Games range from 12 to 30 figures per side. Markers are used to keep track of reloading, morale etc.


Sadly, no quick reference sheet is included in the book: however, a PDF quick reference sheet is available as a download on the Dashing Dice website as are game markers. 

The website also suggests figures that can be used in the game (28mm), I have assembled the required figures in 15mm see Something Wicked This Way Comes. Expect to have a church and churchyard figure in your games (even though tombstones were the exception rather than the rule in the C17th). I also think that a smoke machine might help, and it is obligatory that the game is played at night by candlelight#. 

Equipment needed:

  • Measuring tape/ruler inches
  • 5 white D6
  • 5 black D6
  • 2 D10
  • the rules utilise a D3 - which is a D6 1&2 are 1, 3&4 are 2, 5&6 are 3
  • set of game markers (see above)

* Another case of over egging the pudding I'm afraid, but where would this blog be without a little hyperbole?

# Not actually true, another case of hyperbole

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  1. Looks fun. It seems difficult to get hold of a set now. How do you think it might play solo?

  2. Copies might still be available from the author. He had some earlier in the year. Contact details on Dashing Dice.

    Never tried playing solo. Something about these rules that is just silly (in a Hammer House of Horror cheesy sense), best served with friends.


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