Parliament's Army

You've seen the armies of Montrose, the King, clubmen, and Solemn League... so just one army outstanding. That of Parliament.

So here they are...

the army consists of the following:

Regiments of Foot - 18 units, each 34 men strong

Combined Shot - 3 units, each 24 men strong

Regiments of Horse - 21 units, each 16 men strong (1 unit are cuirassiers)

Regiments of Dragoons - 3 units, each 21 men strong

Siege Engineers - 10 men

Assault party - 6 men, and 4 petard teams

Train of Artillery: demi-culverins - 2, each consisting of a crew of 4 men and a limber

Train of Artillery: sakers - 3, each consisting of a crew of 4 men and a limber

Train of Artillery: minions - 6, each consisting of a crew of 4 men and a limber

Baggage Train - 15 assorted pieces of baggage

Command - 19 individually based 'generals', Essex, Waller, Fairfax and Cromwell are based with an ensign. One chaplain.

Any old excuse to post lots of pictures...

In its entirety 

Lots of dragoons

Some 'eavy metal 


Black Tom

Which gives a grand total of... rather a lot

Think that'll do for now.

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  1. Fantastic collection! Wonderful to see the army displayed in it's glory.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Codsticker


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