KeepYourPowderDry's Fifth Bloggiversary

Once again, I pen the words 'who'd have thunk it?' KeepYourPowderDry still exists and I still find stuff to write nonsense about.

Oh dear, the Saturday boy shows himself up again at the work's bloggiversary 'do', and Derek from accounts looks a bit angry - think HR might need a word...

At the risk of sounding like an awards ceremony acceptance speech...

Thank you to everyone who has supported the blog via BuyMeACoffee, your support really does help the blog keep existing. Particular thanks, and honorary board memberships go to @BirdyTheolProf and @Clubmen1645.

Regular reader numbers have swelled to almost ten (hello everybody), a number that mainstream social influencers can only dream of  scoff at.

Page hits don't actually matter, as I wrote 5 years ago. This blog is a receptacle for lots of little bits of paper, hopefully laid out in a slightly more sensible and understandable order; it is primarily for me, if it helps anyone else, even better. But I can't help but feel somewhat taken aback by the ridiculous number that the page counter has clicked over to. It was very exciting watching the counter approach a quarter of a million earlier in the year, and more recently wondering if 300k would be achieved before this bloggiversary. 

Other significant, but completely unimportant (in the grand scale of things) numbers include: surpassing 500 Twitter followers, 90k views in the last 12 months alone, and the year's 'biggest' new post is my Forlorn Hope review (over 1.5k views). 

I do confess that it is quite heart-warming seeing my inane ramblings being held up as a 'resource' on blogs, websites, social media posts and YouTube videos. For those of you who have said kind things, or promoted my blog I doff my cap. 

It is really good to get feed back on the ECWtravelogue, it is satisfying to hear that my directions work (you'd hope they would, having spent 15 years as a hill party leader for my local mountain rescue team) - I would hate to send somebody on a wild goose chase, so if you find any errors, or omissions, please let me know. New roads are built, and postcodes get tweaked. I do revisit stuff and check that my directions and postcodes work, but I can't constantly check everything, otherwise who would write Houses of Interest: Rutland?

What's coming over the next few months?  I've finally got around to writing some rules reviews, in fact you're probably already sick of them. Still a few sets to review I'm afraid. I've taken an angle grinder to my star fort in an attempt to make it less Vaubanesque and more sconce like. The ECWtravelogue has been rather neglected of late - a recent jolly to town will be the start of a resurgence I hope. I did promise a post on the 'Evesham Soldier'*. I've also become a bit of an anorak when it comes to lobster pot helmets. And I do seem to have rather a lot of pikes cut down to the correct length...

Finally a big thank you to my boys and Sarah who continue to tolerate my 'whilst we are here can we just...' detours, all with good humour and not too audible grumbles. 

Lastly, regular readers, will be pleased to hear that the search term 'podiatrist Tyldesley' has returned to the blog's search terms table. 

* due on International Womens' Day

If you enjoyed reading this, or any of the other posts, please consider supporting the blog. 


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