A Year On...

A year ago when I started this blog I was pretty convinced that nobody else in the world would ever be interested in my inane ramblings. Admittedly, reaching a massed global audience wasn't actually on my agenda; I just wanted to store all my bookmarks, links, notes, pictures and thoughts all in one place.

Staff at the KeepYourPowderDry work's anniversary/Christmas party. Think the Saturday boy (front left) might be delicate tomorrow.

When it became clear that other people (who hadn't been coerced) were actually reading the blog, I initially wondered if I'd make 1,000 hits in a year. That was a sizeable, and seemingly pie in the sky target. Then the 'I wonder... target' quickly became 5,000, then 10,000, then 12,000 giving a nice monthly average, finally 15,000. The end of year stats are hovering around 15,600, which I don't think is too shoddy. Visitors come from every continent, and almost every nation. My inner anorak finds it really interesting looking at the Blogger stats pages, seeing where in the world visitors are located.

Who'd have thunk that I'd have been able to keep this diatribe of unconsciousness, rambling on for nearly 100 posts? The most popular post to date is 'Parliamentarian Foot' with over 450 'hits'. The travelogue posts have had the most comments - here, via email and on fora. They grew out of my frustration at visiting Naseby and not having car friendly navigation details.

The most popular search term to find my blog is now "keepyourpowderdry blog" which is quite humbling to think people are specifically looking for the blog.

I've slightly reorganised the labels, so now it is easier to find stuff depending upon one's interests. Apart from that, the layout is pretty much untouched since the blogs inception. For that I am indebted to the advice from fellow bloggers over on TWW.

Plans for the future include more figures, replacing some of the pictures, more terrain, more travelogues, world domination, and maybe a series on rules reviews... I do update previous posts, so it might be worth checking out the older stuff (that isn't a cunning plan to drive up hits by the way). For example, I have only recently added a link to an easy to read article explaining the various flag systems on the Standards post.

Finally, I'd like to say thank you for all the comments about this blog both here and elsewhere. They are very much appreciated, and thank you for reading.

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