Colonel Robert Thorpe’s Regiment of Horse

A Regiment of Horse that had many different names and fought with many different Parliamentarian armies.

Originally raised in London by Colonel Richard Turner in 1643 they occupied Newport Pagnell (obviously attracted by the strategic motorway services), fought a skirmish at Alderton, the battle of Olney and stormed Grafton House. They were part of Skippon's army.

In 1644 command passed to Colonel George Thompson, and they transferred to Waller's Southern Association. Thompson led four troops of the regiment at Cheriton where he lost a leg. Command then passed to Thorpe after Cheriton, and they fought at Cropredy Bridge, Second Newbury and Trowbridge.

In 1645 they transferred to the Western Association and command passed to Colonel Edward Popham (brother of Alexander Popham of Littlecote House, home of the famous Littlecote armoury now held by the Royal Armouries in Leeds), before quickly passing on to Colonel George Starr. The regiment was disbanded in 1646.


  1. Lovely work! PS. I finished Sir William Balfour's regiment yesterday.. just varnishing and basing to do...

    1. Congratulations on completing Balfour's, did you go for Sir William's troop or Major William's troop?

      And thanks

    2. My units represent regimental level, so multiple troops, and based on the reading this would be the non-cuirassier troops of the regiment .. so Major William's and the other troops.. I've read that Lord Grey of Groby’s Troop served with the regiment during Edgehill, and Scott/Turton/Arni have the regiment at 6 troops strong and 360 men at Edgehill. Down the line I will represent those detached cuirassier troops just for fun...


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