Earl of Caernarvon’s Regiment of Horse

Robert Dormer, the Earl of Caernarvon, served in both the Bishops Wars as a Colonel of Horse.

He raised this Regiment in 1642; they fought at Southam, Edgehill Banbury, Cirencester, Cheham, Caversham Bridge, Chewton Mendip, Lansdown, Rowde Ford, Roundway Down, Bristol, Dorchester, Weymouth, Aldbourne Chase and First Newbury, where Robert fell. He was carried to an inn at Newbury, where King Charles is said to have sat with him until all hope of life was gone.

Richard Neville took command of the Regiment and they went on to fight at Cheriton, Cropredy Bridge, Boconnoc House, Lostwithiel, Second Newbury, the Relief of Donnington, Langport and Torrington before surrendering in March 1646 at Truro.

Robert inherited his father's title at the tender age of 6, and became the ward of King James I, James sold this wardship to the Philip Herbert 1st Earl of Montgomery and 4th Earl of Pembroke for £4000. He would marry Herbert's daughter when he was just 15. 

Robert was originally buried at Jesus College, Oxford; his body was moved and reinterred in the family chapel at All Saints Church, Wing, Buckinghamshire LU7 0NY.

Brushwork on these by Alan Tuckey, basing by my own fair hand.

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  1. Another nice unit (and colonel’s) history. I like these biographical touches you add like King Charles sitting with the Earl until he died. Somehow makes them seem more like ‘real’ people if you follow me.
    That regiment was certainly busy!

    1. Thanks nundanket. It's really helping me out remember one unit from another too


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