Earl of Manchester’s Regiment of Horse

The latest five minutes of the spotlight falls upon the Earl of Manchester's Regiment of Horse; coincidentally, this is the 300th post. Which surprises me as I never thought I'd be able to blather on this much. A little celebratory sherry might be in order.

The Regiment was large, they were able to field 11 troops at Marston Moor, and as a result, they had an additional Colonel. The Regiment's troops had cornets with different coloured fields: Manchester's cornet had a green field; Colonel Algernon Sidney's cornet had a blue field; Captain Robert Sparrow's had a red field; Captain William Dingley's cornet also had a red field; Captain Thomas Hammond's cornet  had a blue field; and Captain Valentine Walton's cornet also had a red field.

Sidney was the commander of the Regiment in the field; he was seriously wounded at Marston Moor, and relinquished command when the Regiment joined the New Model Army. The Regiment would be known as Colonel Nathaniel Rich's Regiment when it joined the NMA.

As Manchester's they fought at the siege of King’s Lynn; the siege of Bolingbroke Castle; Winceby; the siege of York; Marston Moor; the siege of Sheffield Castle; the siege of Staveley House; the siege of Bolsover Castle; the siege of South Wingfield; Second Newbury; and the standoff at Donnington.

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  1. "Before you stands the enemy,
    his three to every one of us.

    And where, in God's name, is Manchester?

    My Lord Manchester will rue the
    day he has not joined us here.

    And now to your positions.

    These tactics we have practised
    often enough these past six months

    now let us put them to the test.

    For upon this field of Naseby, we'll
    turn the tide of this unhappy war".

    Really must watch that again soon.. :o)

    1. A brilliant film, although you have to switch off the bit of your brain that stores any knowledge about the subject.

    2. Absolutely re. brain, but that was the film that singlehandedly kicked off an entire wargaming project for me.. :o)

      PS. I neglected to mention - lovely painting!


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