The King's Army

Charles, Maurice, Rupert and Boye; protected by The King's Lifeguard
(conjecturally equipped as cuirassiers)

Due to the completion* of my Royalist Army, coupled with the need to see what a Regiment of Foot looked like at 1:1, my kitchen table was set up as a 'studio'

So, here is the King's Army (Parliament's Army is identical).

The army consists of the following:

Regiments of Foot - 18 units, each 34 men strong

Combined Shot - 3 units, each 24 men strong

Regiments of Horse - 21 units, each 16 men strong (1 unit are cuirassiers)

Regiments of Dragoons - 3 units, each 21 men strong

Siege Engineers - 10 men

Assault party - 6 men, and 4 petard teams

Train of Artillery: demi-culverins - 2, each consisting of a crew of 4 men and a limber

Train of Artillery: sakers - 3, each consisting of a crew of 4 men and a limber

Train of Artillery: minions - 6, each consisting of a crew of 4 men and a limber

Baggage Train - 15 assorted pieces of baggage

Command - 19 individually based 'generals'; Charles, Rupert, Maurice and Hopton are based with an ensign. One chaplain.

Which gives a grand total of... rather a lot

Think that'll do for now.

* such things are never complete. Apparently.

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  1. Magnificent sight to behold! I'm nearing the end of a commission project for Graham Cummings who is planning a refight of Edgehill with every single unit represented, many hundreds of lovely Peter Pig figures :) A few years ago I sold on my collection of 800 Hinchliffe ECW's and the new owner has continued to work on them to create what is a true spectacle of vintage ECW's in all their shiny glory, you may be interested in seeing them here on my blog: :

    1. Many thanks Lee, I've been following the progress of them on your blog. They look great

  2. Glorious to behold!


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