Here is a box...

Bonus points to those of you who got the 1970s children's TV reference in the title.

Having run out of things to paint, I was, as you do when you can't fall asleep, trawling a certain auction site in the wee small hours and happened across a small wooden box. I won the auction with a bid of £2.50.  An idea germinated...

A little project came to pass.

The box was an ideal size to store all my gaming ephemera (dice, measuring sticks, arc of fire templates, All Rolled Up folding dice trays, dice pouches). But it would need a little bit of corporate titivation first.

The inside was sprayed Liquitex raw umber, and a print of Streeter's Plan was sized, cut and glued to the inside of the lid. Several coats of satin varnish sealed everything.

Everything fits neatly, and snugly inside.

The lid had an inset piece of navy leather; now that would never do. An engraved 'brass effect' plaque was sourced from an online trophy shop for £4.

And there you go, I'm now Mr Fancypants-gaming-equipment-box-man.

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  1. Oh yes Mr Fancypants Box Man :) I do love a wooden box myself for my small scale projects and I'm going to pinch that Streeter idea! Mine also come from eBay. Don't have a photo of them in the box yet but here's what's going in them as this project develops, 3mm (yes 3mm) ECW based for the excellent hex based C&C variant. card driven game and the author has designed a lovely set of 'Hazard a Chaunce' cards which represent unexpected events such as 'O Bugger it!' 'The Colonels Trubble Again' and 'I'll never touch the stuff again' etc which adds a nice element of fun to an ECW game.
    Photo of my initial ECW units:

    1. Can't beat a good wooden box. Those figures look excellent 'Lee. Madness painting something that size, but excellent

  2. Hold up... did you say "Having run out of things to paint..."?!?!?


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