Warlord Pike and Shotte Epic Battles: the cavalry sprue Part 2

I've never run a business that makes actual things to sell to real people; but if I did I would want 'samples' to be of the best quality, so that reviewers and buyers would know exactly what the finished, production item would be like. I assume that this is how the very successful Warlord Games runs their business.

So, I was pleasantly surprised when Warlord got in touch about my Pike and Shotte Epic Battles cavalry sprue review. It is fair to say that there has been quite a bit of controversy concerning my review. Nobody picking me up on what my comments were, but about the pictures. I have had rather too many colourfully worded responses claiming that I am trying to disrupt the P&S Epic release, that I want it to fail etc etc

Paul from Warlord contacted me: "...your post (shows) what I consider to be substandard castings that we should not be sending out" and he offered to rectify the issue. A fair comment, and of course I warmly invite them to show off their products in their best light. A new cavalry sprue was posted out to me. Thank you Warlord.

Which is where my ruminations about running a business and wanting samples to be absolutely top notch comes in. I must assume that that is a principle to which Warlord hold dear. Considering the less than flattering photos of the cavalry sprue in my first review, I would hope that Warlord would cherry pick a top notch cast for me to review. I can only presume that the replacement sprue is the best quality, certainly not a "substandard casting".

Only I can't tell any significant differences between the two sprues. Still no cross belts, faces are still lacking in detail. Detail upon the sides of the figures is crisp, as it was on my original sprue. The fronts and backs of the figures are, still, very much a blank canvas. 

But I'll let you make up your own mind. Here's side by side comparison shots of my original sprue, and the replacement sprue. The replacement figures are clearly marked with an orange arrow.

Anyone spotted the left handed figure? An attempt at inclusion by Warlord, or did they flip the digital sculpt for production purposes?

Update: I contacted Warlord to ask if these are preproduction samples or the finished article, Warlord did not reply. Now that the box sets are starting to be delivered it is clear that the free sprues are the finished article.

If you are wondering when Epic figures will feature in my units, they won't. I've given them away.

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  1. Just ordered some of these sprues BEFORE reading your detailed review. Ouch! I'am very thankful for your work and cannot understand how angry people can get about a critical review, but your work was and is necessary. WG is a big company which behave in many ways very self-confident. This is not the first time, that one of their products is behind the standards, which we as hobbyists and their costumers can demand. Anyway, I hope i can fix some of the missing details on the cavalry with greenstuff...

  2. Glad I'm already committed to 10mm metals for my gaming in this period!


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