Celtic Soul Brothers

Any excuse to drop a Dexy's song title into a blog entry... hopefully the earworm doesn't last too long.

This post takes a long hard look at the new brace of supplements for For King And Parliament.

Neither of these supplements were penned by Mr Miller, instead their authors are Bill Linhart, Peter Page, and Paul Reynolds. And they are to be commended for pushing the conflicts from the other two kingdoms (that make up the Wars of the Three Kingdoms). 

Scotland and Ireland, in particular, are very much the poor relations in comparison to the English components of the Wars.

The first volume is "The Celtic Fringe", a 26 page book of supplementary rules. Whilst written for For King And Parliament, they could well be an excellent starting point for those who play other rulesets.

There are rules for the different troop types associated with the various Scots and Irish armies, so archers, highlanders, lancers, 'rabble'; and rules covering associated terrain for these conflicts.

"Montrose, To Win Or Lose It All" volume borrows part of its title from the Marquis of Montrose's poetry. This ninety page volume has nine scenarios covering Montrose's Royalist military career. (He'd previously fought for the Covenanters during the Bishops' Wars, in case you were wondering.) 

Again, whilst specifically written for FK&P they could easily be 'translated' for other rulesets.

As with FK&P, full colour, both volumes are well written and beautifully presented in A4 spiral bound format.

It's really good to see the Irish and Scottish theatres of the Wars of Three Kingdoms getting some time in the spotlights. Hopefully these volumes will inspire more...


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  1. Thanks for your kind words about our first two suppliments KYPD. We're now working on a further volume covering 8 Irish battles from 1641 - 1649. Hopefully this will be available in late 2024 or early 2025.
    Cheers Peter

    1. No, thank you PP and team for bringing something 'nice' out for the masses. I hope it sells well and helps popularise a relative backwater of the Wars of 3 Kingdoms.


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