Every agrarian economy needs livestock, even in 15mm land. So I thought I'd better provide some.

My inner model railway modeller/ reader of glossy rule books with idyllic 'scenes' voice told me I needed more, yes more, battlefield clutter.

First up are some piggies. These are from Hovels, and were extras from my  'Pig Sty' 18D5 (from their ancients range).

Next up are some chickens. There should probably be lots more of these, but can I face painting beaks and combs on such tiny things? Yes, I can. So no doubt there will be more of these at some point, when I next place an order with Pendraken.

Considering England's wealth was based upon the wool trade I thought I should have lots of sheep. Is forty sheep a lot? Enough to make a landowner fat and wealthy from the profits. Probably not. More will arrive from Pendraken at some point I'm sure.

Pendraken have a very useful range of animals in a plethora of figure sizes, one of their cats is located on a Parliamentarian regiment of foot in homage to my big cat who hits me on the bottom whenever I sit at my desk (he wants cat nip spraying on his bed). I've just noticed they make rabbits too... 

But then where will I store more animals? The storage boxes are already overflowing.

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